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Safety Operation Procedures for Hydraulic Hoist

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Safety Operation Procedures for hydraulic winch£º

1¡¢ The hydraulic winch shall be installed at a flat and solid place with good vision. The connection between the body and the ground anchor must be firm. The center line of the winch barrel and the guide pulley shall be perpendicular to each other. The distance between the winch and the derrick pulley shall generally not be less than 15m.

2¡¢ Before operation, check the wire rope, clutch, brake, safety wheel, body pulley, etc. for confirmation before operation. Check whether there is friction between the wire rope and the derrick.

3¡¢ The wire rope must be arranged neatly on the drum. During operation, the wire rope on the drum must be kept for three turns. During operation, no one is allowed to cross the wire rope of the winch.

4¡¢ When lifting heavy objects to stay in the air, in addition to using the brake, it should be firmly clamped with the gear safety.

hydraulic winch

5¡¢ The operator must hold a certificate to work. It is strictly prohibited to operate without a certificate and leave the post without permission during working hours.

6¡¢ Follow the signal of the commander during the work. When the signal is unknown or may cause an accident, the operation shall be suspended, and the operation can be continued only after the situation is clarified.

7¡¢ In case of sudden power failure during operation, the knife switch shall be immediately opened to put down the transport.

8¡¢ After the operation is completed, the material tray shall be put on the ground and the electric box shall be closed.

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