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How To Maintain Electric Hoist Correctly

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The electric winch is a heavy lifting equipment, and it is not allowed to move the place at will. Because of its large volume and heavy deadweight, it is not very convenient to carry, but what should be paid attention to when operating in one place for a long time:

1. The operators who use the electric hoist shall have received practical training and be able to master the operating skills skillfully.

electric winch

2. During operation, the operator shall concentrate and respond quickly. When lifting heavy objects, be careful not to cross over the electric hoist to prevent the roller on the jacket from exceeding the top of the column, causing overloading of the wire rope or tilting of the jacket.

3. The steel wire rope is also an important accessory. During operation, the steel wire rope buckle must be checked for tightness, broken strand and flexible lifting.

4. During shift handover, the operating conditions shall be explained, and problems that cannot be solved in time shall be solved immediately, and the person taking over the shift shall handle them first.

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