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Operation Video Of Electric Stair Climbing Machine

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When carrying heavy objects upstairs, it will be found that the heavier the weight is, the greater the overturning force will be. However, we can reduce the overturning force by adjusting the center of gravity of the goods. For example, pulling sand can put the first generation of sand vertically, so that the center of gravity will go up, making the climbing artifact more stable. How to erect the box goods, the center of gravity will also move upward, making the climbing machine more stable.

 stair climberAfter the center of gravity of the stair climber is raised, the rebound force still exists. We can see that the rebound force at each instant rebounds slightly upwards. Once the rebound force disappears, immediately press down to welcome the next rebound force. It will be very easy to find the rhythm. It can also control the climbing machine without overturning.

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