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Safety Design Of Stair Climber Machine

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Safety design of stair climber machine

As a practical climbing tool, the climbing machine naturally has a perfect design to ensure the personal safety of users. The first is the point contact design of the start switch. The start switch of the climbing machine is generally designed at the handrail, which can be pressed to follow and released to stop. This design can avoid the continuous operation of the climbing machine after the handrails are released, and avoid "machine injury".

stair climber

As the electric climbing machine has a long body, there is an included angle between the body and the stairs during operation. Too small an included angle means that the climbing machine may "slide" on the stairs. Too large an included angle means that the climbing machine has a "rollover risk". Therefore, the climbing machine is structurally designed to ensure that the climbing machine will stop operation when the included angle is too small or too large, reducing the probability of accidents.

Some types of climbing machines are also equipped with a step edge brake system. "Careless" people will stop the climbing machine at the edge of the stairs. The climbing machine is easy to slide down when hovering. With a self brake system, the climbing machine can safely hover at the edge of the stairs.

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