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Correct Operation Specification Of Concrete Mixer

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Correct operation specification of concrete mixer

1. Pre use inspection: press the switch before power transmission, and then close the switch to check whether the operation is flexible. Whether the vibrator, roller and paddle work normally. The wire rope is wound on the drum; Whether the lifting of the concrete platform is normal. If any fault is found, notify the mechanical and electrical team for handling. It can only be used after processing.

2. One time feeding shall not be too much, and feeding shall be carried out according to the proportion, and attention shall be paid to the water cement ratio. Evenly mix, and the mixing time shall not be less than one minute at a time. The normally mixed concrete should be thick porridge.

3. A special person shall be assigned to start the machine. The operator shall be familiar with the working principle of each operating system, and the machine shall be stopped immediately for inspection in case of any fault.

concrete mixer

4. Electrical components shall be protected and cables shall be protected to prevent damage.

5. The concrete mixer shall be flat, and no one shall stand under the hopper of the mixer to avoid falling stones from the hopper.

6. In case of temporary shutdown, start the mixer regularly (every 20 minutes) to prevent concrete from setting or pouring out of the roller, and wash the roller with water.

7. After the concrete pouring stops, the roller and mortar outside the machine shall be washed with water in time. The feed hopper shall be cleaned once per shift to make it fall to the designated position when lowering, and the appearance shall be coated with a layer of oil for next use.

8. Carefully implement the handover system, and clearly explain the operation and precautions of the working machine.

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