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Advantages Of Wood Burning Fireplace Made In China

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The fireplace is mainly heated by burning firewood or compressed firewood. The heating power is far greater than that of various air conditioners and heaters. Under the temperature of - 10 ℃, the indoor temperature of a 40-100 square meter house can be raised to more than 20 ℃ by lighting the fireplace for about 10 minutes. The real fireplace we usually talk about is mostly wood burning fireplace. Compared with the traditional heating method, it has its unique features and is loved by everyone. fireplace1. The heating effect of the air conditioner is poor, the indoor temperature rises slowly, and the indoor air is dry and uncomfortable. When the room temperature is below - 10 ℃, the air conditioner will lose its heating capacity and cannot achieve the required heating effect. The real fireplace is mainly heated by burning wood or compressed wood.

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