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Crawler Pile Driver

Precautions For Crawler Pile Driver Machine

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During the operation of the crawler pile driver, attention shall be paid to: the workers who operate the positive and negative circulation drilling rig must not wear safety helmets when walking around the construction site. When disassembling the drill pipe of the positive and negative circulation drilling rig, there are many sundries on its thread. When the positive and reverse circulation drilling rig is drilling, the mud must be delivered to the hole first.

Features: Double rope synchronization can be used to lift the low forward and reverse circulation drilling rig. It is easy to drill gravel layer and bedrock stratum in some cities.

crawler pile driver

Avoid breaking: When drilling wells with it, it is strictly forbidden to strike the drill pipe with a sledgehammer. In addition, when drilling with drilling tools, the schedule must be reasonably arranged. Check whether the wire shedding device of the fuselage is aged. According to different geological conditions, the machine should select appropriate speed and torque when drilling. When the positive and negative circulation drilling rig starts to drill, the commander must be unified. Before operation, install lighting lamps near the working route.

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