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Crawler Pile Driver

Development Direction of Crawler Pile Driver

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1. The device garden of the crawler pile driver shall be flat and firm. When the bearing capacity of the external foundation cannot reach the regular compressive stress, the subgrade box or 30mm thick steel plate shall be paved under the track, and the spacing shall not be greater than 300mm.
2. The installation and assembly of the pile driver shall be carried out in accordance with the rules in the factory instruction. The pile driver with telescopic track shall be installed after the track is enlarged. Crawler expansion shall progress without counterweight, and the upper reverse rotation platform shall be turned to the position of 90 ° with the crawler.
crawler pile driver
3. After the end of the column breaking base device, the response degree shall be adjusted to the progress test of the hydraulic cylinder. If it is confirmed that there is no question, the piston rod shall be fully retracted and the device shall be prepared for column breaking.

4. When the column breaking device is installed, the track driving wheel shall be placed at the rear, the front overturning point of the track shall be filled with iron wedges, the traveling mechanism and the reverse expansion turning mechanism shall be braked, and the degree telescopic arm shall be positioned with a pin shaft. When installing a vertical hydraulic cylinder, the hydraulic cylinder shall be firmly supported by a wooden backing plate, and the main engine shall be balanced. 

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