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Hydraulic Pile Driver

Operation Method And Steps Of Hydraulic Pile Driver

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Operation method and steps of hydraulic pile driver

1. The operator must have professional practice to understand the structure, principle, operation and maintenance of the pile driver

Nutrition methods. The operation can only be carried out with operation certificate.

2. The power device, winch, hydraulic device, electrical device, etc. configured for the pile driver shall be operated according to its operating procedures.

3 The electrical fault of pile driver must be handled by electrician.

hydraulic pile driver

4. The commissioning, installation, disassembly and hauling of the machine shall be in strict accordance with relevant regulations.

5. In case of severe weather such as thunder, rain, snow, fog and wind above force 6, the operation shall be stopped, and the wind speed exceeds 7

If there is a strong typhoon alarm, the pile driver shall be stopped in the windward direction. If necessary, the frame shall be put down. Pile driver must adopt

Lightning protection measures: in case of lightning, personnel must stay away from piling.

6. Before operation, it shall be idling first, and the operation can be started only after all components are confirmed to be in normal condition.

7. If a pile gripper is used, it shall be clamped before operation, and the gripper shall not be loosened during operation. Stop operation

When. The vibration of the vibratory hammer must be stopped before loosening the pile gripper.

8. When installing the vibratory hammer, it must be transported to 2mm in front of the pile frame.

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