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Safety Operation Procedures for Chicken Chopper

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Safety Operation Procedures for Chicken Chopper:

1. This general safety operation procedure is applicable to all production equipment of the company.

2. Only those who have received mechanical operation training and safety operation training and passed the examination can operate the machine.

3. Non machine personnel on duty shall not operate the machine without authorization.

chicken cutting machine

4. The chicken cutting machine can only be used when the machine is in good condition, all safety shields and protective instruments are normal, grounding protection is good, and all functions of the machine are normal.

5. Do not leave any safety device idle or hinder the normal operation of any safety device.

6. The operator of the machine shall be clear about all safety protection devices, emergency stop, slow stop and machine functions.

7. During normal shutdown operation, it is not allowed to open the safety protection device for shutdown.

8. Do not turn off the automatic refueling device.

9. When the emergency stop device (button or pull rope) is pressed, the machine will stop immediately and all control devices will not work. The function of these emergency stop devices should be checked regularly.

10. Before starting the machine, make sure that no one is in the machine and no one touches the machine.

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