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Precautions For Square Wood Multi Blade Saw

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Precautions for square wood multi blade saw

1. Before use, check whether the saw blade of the multi blade saw meets the design requirements, whether it is damaged or deformed, whether the tooth shape is damaged or sharp.

2. Whether the protective cover is complete. It is strictly prohibited to remove the protective cover.

3. Before starting the machine, check whether the fastening bolts of each part are loose and tighten them, and fill sufficient lubricating oil into each oil injection hole.

multi blade saw

4. The power supply of multi blade sawing machine shall be equipped with necessary protective devices (such as leakage protector) and ground wires.

5. When starting the machine, check whether the spindle rotation is consistent with the arrow marked on the equipment. Check whether the arrow marked on the saw blade is consistent with the spindle rotation.

6. When the machine is started up, it should be idle for about 10 minutes to check whether the saw blade is jumping and swinging, and the equipment can be fully lubricated.

7. Operators shall wear work clothes, masks, earmuffs, protective glasses, etc. (gloves are strictly prohibited).

8. The workpiece shall be pushed in slowly during processing to avoid accidental accidents caused by the impact of the saw blade contacting the workpiece. Do not apply side force to the workpiece!

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