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Routine Maintenance Method Of Round Wood Multi Blade Saw

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Routine maintenance method of round wood multi blade saw:

1. Regularly adjust and check the feeding chain, feeding motor chain and navigation motor inside the round wood saw.

2. Regularly check whether the length and tightness of the main motor belt are appropriate, the oil cup of the box should be filled with oil regularly, and whether the oil pipe has been aligned with the port.

multi blade saw

3. The cushion sleeve, saw blade and navigation blade in the multi-piece saw should be cleaned regularly (3~5 days) with diesel oil and wiped with a clean wiping cloth. There should be no sundries during installation. They should be cleaned and then wiped with a cloth.

4. The spindle core should be flushed with water once a day when replacing the round wood multi-saw, or the air gun should be directed at the innermost water outlet to blow out the dirt to ensure the smooth water outlet.

5. Regularly check whether the main shaft nut inside the round wood multi-saw machine is loose.

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