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Six Practical Operating Skills of Trencher

Author: Date:2022/11/2 6:12:46 Visits:

There are several basic operation methods for operating the trencher. The following is the introduction of the trenching company's technicians to you. I hope our introduction can help you better.

1. Lift the bulldozer and all attachments off the ground. Put the bulldozer in the tire and turn the front wheel to ensure that the front wheel does not touch the bulldozer.

2. When starting to move the ditcher, do not use a forward gear higher than 4th gear or a reverse gear higher than 2nd gear.


3. Depress the clutch and brake 2 pedal and move the shift lever to the FORWARD position. Or "REVERSE" or "REVERSE" position.

4. Push the lever left or right to select the starting gear. Release the hand brake, and then slowly release the clutch and brake pedal.

5. The accelerator must be pressed. Now, the trencher is in operation.

6. When driving the machine, do not put your foot on the clutch or brake pedal, otherwise it will cause unnecessary wear.

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