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Starting Method of Backpack Gasoline Snow Blower

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Backpack gasoline snow blower, also known as road snow blower, is commonly used to clean the road surface when the road area is snowy; Construction of road markings, etc.

1. Open the circuit switch and press the fuel injector on the carburetor until the fuel bubble is full of fuel.

2. Turn the choke lever to the closed position. (If the backpack hair dryer is a hot engine or the ambient temperature is high, the choke does not need to be closed.)

3. Turn the throttle to about 1/3 of the opening.

snow blower

4. Gently pull the start handle until resistance is felt, and then pull it quickly with force.

5. After the gasoline engine starts, the choke is fully opened.

6. Operate at low speed for 3 minutes, and conduct various operations after the gasoline engine is sufficiently warmed up.

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