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Five Step Easy Operation Of Spring Machine

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Incorrect operation and use of the spring machine will affect the normal processing and production efficiency of the spring, and even cause serious damage to the body, which will lead to the failure of the spring machine equipment. Therefore, the following matters should be noted during the operation and use:

1. When starting the spring machine equipment, we should strictly follow the use steps. Before starting the machine, we should fix the cutter position. Before production, we must check whether the fasteners used in the computer spring machine debugging are firm, so as to avoid loosening, falling or shifting in the production process, which may lead to machine failure or body damage caused by collision.

2. Measuring tools, instruments and tools shall not be placed on the machine to avoid accidents during operation. During operation, pay attention to whether the machine runs smoothly without noise or abnormal vibration, and try not to overload the equipment for a long time.

spring machine

3. During the operation of the spring machine, it is forbidden to touch the body panel with hands. After the spring products are processed and cut off on the machine table, the falling direction of the products must be controlled to avoid jamming the knife base and causing machine collision. In addition, when the spring products machined by the spring are abnormal, they must be properly repaired after the machine is stopped to avoid safety accidents.

4. The novice must be accompanied by a professional master when operating and debugging the computer spring machine, so as to reduce or avoid unnecessary safety accidents. Moreover, after the novice apprentice or the machine is debugged, the technician must check to avoid errors that may cause the equipment to run incorrectly.

5. In case of equipment failure, it is strictly forbidden for non professionals to dismantle the spring machine without authorization to avoid secondary damage to the spring machine. In case of any equipment failure that cannot be handled, it shall be reported to the manufacturer in a timely manner and inspected and repaired by professionals.

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