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Seven Operation Essentials Of Diesel Winch

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Seven Operation Essentials Of diesel winch

1. In case of sudden power failure during operation, the knife switch shall be immediately opened to put down the transport.

2. After the operation is completed, the material tray shall be put on the ground and the electric box shall be closed.

3. Wear of wire rope and machinery during use, and local damage caused by spontaneous combustion corrosion are unavoidable, and protective oil shall be applied at intervals.

diesel winch

4. Overload is strictly prohibited. That is, the maximum carrying tonnage is exceeded.

5. Pay attention not to knotting, flattening, arc damage and chemical medium erosion during use.

6. It is not allowed to directly lift high-temperature objects. For objects with edges and corners, guard boards shall be added.

7. During the use, the steel wire rope used shall be checked frequently, and shall be scrapped immediately if it reaches the scrapping standard.

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