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Electric Forklift

Precautions For The Use Of Electric Forklift

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Precautions for the use of electric forklift: Unlike fuel forklifts, electric forklifts only have brakes and accelerometers. Pay attention to the gear before starting. (Although it is impossible to walk without stepping on the accelerator, pay attention to safety.) Turn the key to ignite. If there is no response, check whether there is a red knob. Turn it slightly to let it rise. When the action screen lights up, the startup is completed. The second gear is similar to the fuel forklift, but moves under the steering wheel. Push the left handle forward for forward gear and pull it backward for reverse gear. 

electric forkliftPush it forward on the right side to turn the left steering lamp, pull it backward to turn the right steering lamp, and turn it forward to turn the headlamp on. Release the hand brake (step on the foot brake in case of unevenness). Push the two levers under the steering wheel forward, and press the accelerator slightly to move forward. Pull the control lever on the left side of the steering wheel backward, and push the control lever on the right side forward. Press the accelerator gently to reverse. The two levers of this truck control the forklift. Move the fork up and down the left joystick. The fork pushes the lever down and up. Lift up the front end of the fork, press down the control lever on the right, press forward, and lift the lever.

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