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Precautions For Purchasing Diesel Loader

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Precautions for purchasing diesel loader:

1. Model selection: mainly based on the operation site and purpose. Generally, crawler loaders are used for operation in quarries and soft bases;

2. Power selection: generally, diesel engines for construction machinery are used, and special plateau diesel engines shall be used for operation in special areas, such as places with an altitude higher than 3000 m;

3. Selection of transmission type: generally hydraulic mechanical transmission is selected. The key component is the choice of torque converter. At present, most loaders produced in China use twin turbine and single-stage two-phase hydraulic torque converter.

diesel loader

4. When selecting the loader, the braking performance of the loader shall also be fully considered, including multiple in braking, parking braking and emergency braking. There are three types of brakes: shoe type, caliper disc type and wet multi disc type.

The driving mechanism of the brake generally adopts the afterburner, and its power sources include compressed air, air jacking oil and hydraulic type. At present, the gas cap oil braking system is commonly used, and the dual circuit braking system is generally used to improve the driving safety.

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