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Key Points For Connection Of Fog Cannon To Power Supply

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Key points for connection of fog cannon to power supply:

1) The fog gun machine uses the power frequency power supply provided by the generator set (or external mains power supply). The rated working voltage of the motor is AC380V, and the output AC voltage of the generator set is 400V, 50Hz.

2) When three-phase 380V mains power is used, there must be a power switch before the fog monitor electrical control box is connected, and the power switch should be well grounded; The power line is connected to the electrical cabinet of the equipment.

fog cannon

3) When connecting the power line, disconnect the power switch in front of the electric control box and place it in the OFF position. The wiring operation can only be carried out after the detection and confirmation that there is no power.

4) The three-phase five wire system is adopted. When selecting the power line, the wire diameter shall be determined according to the total power specified in the product technical parameters to ensure that the power line has sufficient load capacity.

5) When installing and connecting the water source, set up a special valve for spray, and directly connect the water inlet of the fog monitor and the water tank outlet by pipeline after passing the semi process valve.

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