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Inspection When The Fog Cannon Is Started

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Inspection when the fog cannon is started:

1) Pipeline inspection: check whether the corresponding switch of each water supply pipeline is turned on before starting the machine.

fog cannon

2) Inspection of power supply phase voltage: After the installation and inspection are completed, turn the power switch on the electric control box to the ON position, and then use a multimeter to check whether the voltage of each phase line is balanced. If it is unbalanced, check whether the line and terminal are disconnected, have poor contact, or have other fault causes. If it cannot be eliminated, contact our company or the sales and service network, and deal with it in a timely manner.

3) Circuit breaker status inspection: check the switch status of the circuit breaker. All circuit breaker switches should be in the ON position before the equipment can work normally. If the circuit breaker switch is not in the ON position, the circuit breaker switch should be turned to the ON position.

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