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Operation Guide For Fog Cannon Machine

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The scientific name of the fog cannon machine is "fog gun", "fog gun" and "fog ejector". It can be directly installed at the rear of the sprinkler. It can atomize into beads equivalent to the dust by pressing. Under the action of the fan, the fog can be accurately thrown onto the target and covered. It can completely suppress the dust below 200 μ M. at the same time, the amount can be adjusted according to the actual needs. Compared with ordinary sprinklers, it can save 50% and raise the resource interest rate. 

fog cannonOrdinary sprinklers only spray along the nozzle to suppress the dust on the road and cannot effectively and quickly solve the dust in the air. The intelligent control sprinkler can also reduce resources, save spraying time and quantity, and spray continuously. Its function of reducing dust and purifying air is stronger. The maximum range can reach 150, and the shooting range can reach 50. The base can rotate 340 ° to increase its coverage and effectively suppress the dust in the air.

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