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Daily Maintenance Of Commercial Juicer

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Daily maintenance of commercial juicer:

1. After the juicer has squeezed the juice, it is necessary to disconnect the power supply, separate the cup barrel from the host machine, and clean the juicer simply to avoid the fruit residue and other sundries in the machine from condensing on it.


2. If conditions permit, the juicer knife can be removed for cleaning, but the frequency should not be too frequent. The fiber and residue of fruit and other food are easily wrapped around the knife head. The residue should be pulled out along the winding direction and then washed with water.

3. The cleaning of the appearance is relatively simple. Wipe it with a rag. Remember not to wash it with water or scrape it with hard objects to avoid surface damage. The base cannot be immersed in water to avoid damage to the insulation of the motor.

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