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Safety Operation Regulations For Band Sawing Machine

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1、 Before use, check whether the position of each operating handle is correct, whether it can be pulled flexibly, and whether the lubrication, cooling part and vice are normal. Whether the protective covers of driving wheel and driven wheel are installed reliably.

2、 It is forbidden to start the machine tool with gloves and overload the band saw machine tool.

3、 When the equipment is rotating, you should stick to your post, concentrate your mind and operate carefully.

4、 Start the motor to check whether there is any abnormality in each part, and it can only work after confirming that it is normal.

5、 When sawing, start the machine first, and then pull the rotating handle. When the saw blade drops to about 30mm from the workpiece, immediately pull the handle to the feed position.

band saw

6、 Do not stop midway when the saw bow descends or feeds.

7、 The sawn material should be firmly clamped, especially the multi-piece clamp should be checked to see if it is fully fastened. If the sawn material has a large bending, it should not be clamped in multiple pieces, but should be clamped in a single piece before cutting.

8、 When the sawing machine is running, it is not allowed to change speed halfway.

9、 If the saw blade breaks in the middle, it should be replaced after the power is turned off, and the workpiece should be turned over to cut a new saw blade.

10、 In case of abnormal noise, the machine tool must be stopped immediately to find out the cause and eliminate the fault. Turn off the power supply when maintaining the machine tool.

11、 The sawn bad materials shall be stacked neatly and stably in order to prevent falling, collapsing and affecting the smooth passage.

12、 After sawing, put the arm of the ram on the bracket, pull the operating handle to the non-working position, turn off the power switch, wipe the machine tool, clean the site, and apply oil for maintenance.

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