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Correct Operation Method Of Square Wood Multi-saw

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1. The operator should have the necessary knowledge and be equipped with protective glasses, pay attention to tie and cuffs, do not wear gloves, and wear a work cap for long hair.

2. Check whether the saw tooth is damaged, fallen off, worn abnormally, and whether the multi rip saw blade is bent, deformed and broken. Start the equipment to ensure that the rotation direction of the saw blade is consistent with the rotation direction of the machine tool spindle.

3. When turning on the equipment, make sure that the selected saw blade is suitable for the speed and feed of wood.

multi rip saw

4. Each square wood multi-saw flange must ensure that the flange surface is clean and tidy, parallel to each other, and the axis is straight. The square wood multi-saw price size should be the same. The minimum diameter of the flange is 1/3 of the diameter of the saw blade, and the gasket should be straight;

5. When starting the equipment, the saw blade must be at least higher than the height of the plate and equal to the height of the sawtooth. On the cross section, the teeth cut together must have at least 3 teeth. Otherwise, the saw blade will shake.

6. When the square timber multi-function saw is used, the square timber shall be fixed. Find abnormal sound and vibration, find rough cutting surface, and timely check and troubleshooting.

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