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Pneumatic windlass is a kind of electric winch with gas

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 Pneumatic windlass is a kind of electric winch with gas provided by air compressor as power source. Compared with traditional electric hoist, pneumatic winch has the characteristics of explosion-proof, dust-proof and anti-liquid splash, which is more suitable for working in harsh environment. Therefore, pneumatic winch is widely used in shipping, oil mining, mining and electric power industries. In order to ensure the safety of use, electric winchthe breaking force value of the steel wire rope equipped with the pneumatic winch is generally about 5 times of the load-bearing capacity, that is to say, if the load is 10kN, the breaking force of the steel wire rope should be at least 50kN to ensure the safety of operation. In addition, three pneumatic components (air filter, air oiler, air pressure regulator) should be installed in front of the air inlet.

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