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Requirements for electric winch operators

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1. The electric winch driver should take up the post with professional training and certificate. He should concentrate when he works. When he finds any obstacle in his sight, he should clear it in time. He should not operate when the signal is not clear.

2. Before operation, idling shall be carried out to confirm that the electrical, braking and environmental conditions are in good condition before operation. The operators shall understand the main contents and workload of the operation on duty in detail.

3. The driver shall not leave the post when the object is not completely on the ground. When resting or suspending operation, the object or cage must be lowered to the ground. After work, cut off the power supply and close the switch box.

4. The driver should pay attention to the operation conditions and the wear of the wire rope at any time. When the load changes for the first time, stop at 0.5m above the ground, and then continue to rise when there is no problem.

5. When using the single drum hoist, the descent speed must be controlled by the brake. It is not allowed to brake too fast or suddenly, but to fall down slowly.electric winch

6. It is forbidden to use toggle switch to prevent collision and misoperation.

7. The steel wire rope shall be coated with grease regularly and placed in the special groove to prevent rolling and damaging the strength of steel wire rope.

8. When the rated tension of the winch is greater than 125kN, a rope guide shall be set. At least 3-5 turns of wire rope shall be reserved on the drum, and the end of the wire rope shall be fixed and reliable.

9. The distance between the outer edge of the drum and the outermost wire rope shall not be less than 1.5 times of the diameter of the wire rope

10. During operation, no one is allowed to cross the winch wire rope in operation.

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