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Requirements of electric winch for transmission system

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Construction electric winch is a kind of lifting equipment widely used in construction industry. In the construction hoist, its structure design is simple, and in the later maintenance and maintenance. At the same time, the construction hoist can be used alone, more often with other construction equipment to complete more efficient operation. As an important part of building hoist, transmission system has the following requirements:

(1) The reducer shall not have oil leakage. During the temperature rise test and the cleanliness and leakage test of reducer lubricating oil, the oil leakage area is smaller than 15cm2.

According to the working system of the motor, the test runs at rated speed for 1 h under rated load. Then the temperature of motor and lubricating oil of reducer are measured, and the temperature rise is calculated. At the same time, the leakage of lubricating oil of reducer is checked.electric winch

(2) After the temperature rise test, according to the provisions of JG / T 5066 "gravimetric analysis method of solid particle pollutants in oil", the cleanliness grade of solid particle pollution of reducer lubricating oil was measured. The solid particle pollution cleanliness grade of reducer lubricating oil shall not be lower than the requirements specified in JG / T 5035 classification of solid pollution cleanliness of oil for construction machinery and equipment.

(3) The open gear, belt pulley, belt and other exposed transmission parts of construction hoist shall be provided with protective cover.

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