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Electric protection measures of electric winch

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Electric protection measures of electric winch£¬The main electrical components such as contact, contactor, electric contactor, etc. should be smooth and smooth, and the main electrical components such as electric contact and contactor should be smooth and smooth.

The metal structure of electric hoist and the metal shell, pipe groove and cable metal sheath of electrical equipment shall be grounded, and the grounding resistance shall not be greater than 4. The selection and installation of grounding device shall comply with gbj232. The electric hoist shall adopt copper core multi stranded conductor and rubber or plastic insulation.electric winch

Electrical protection measures of electric hoist: Main isolating switch with fuse or other isolation measures should be set at the incoming line; the emergency power-off switch which can quickly cut off the general control power supply in case of emergency should be installed in the place where the driver can operate conveniently; the electric winch should be equipped with short circuit and over-current protection, voltage loss protection and zero position protection; the electric winch with remote control should be provided with electric winch The hoist must be equipped with facilities to ensure that the electric hoist stops moving when the control signal fails.

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