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Inspection regulations of electric winch

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Inspection regulations of electric winch

1. The winch shall not be used to transport personnel.

2. The windlass for outdoor operation shall be provided with rain proof measures.
3. The installation site of the winch shall be flat, and the connection with the foundation or underframe shall be firm, and shall comply with the provisions of the operation manual.
4. The hoist should be aligned with the fixed pulley during installation, and the inspection provisions for the deviation angle α of the steel wire rope are as follows:
1) Natural rope arrangement: α ≤ 1 ° 30 ';
2) Rope guiding device: α ≤ 2 °
3) For smooth drum, the distance from drum center to guide wheel shall not be less than 20 times of drum length; for grooved drum, the distance from drum center to guide wheel shall not be less than 15 times of drum length.electric winch
5. When the winch is used to lift heavy objects, it should be installed with the rising travel limit switch, which is sensitive and reliable. According to the construction situation, such as overload protection, overspeed protection and falling travel limit switch, it should be sensitive and reliable.
6. The protective cover of exposed transmission parts shall be complete and intact.
7. Short circuit and overload protection, voltage loss protection and zero position protection device shall work sensitively and reliably.
8. Pulley and wire rope shall match.

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