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Source analysis and control of hydraulic winch noise

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Chassis We think that the design and manufacture of hydraulic winch may cause noise: ¢Ù the chassis adopts box structure, not all welding seams are welded continuously, the length and height of welding seams of each chassis are different, the rigidity of chassis varies greatly, some produce resonance effect, if there is a little vibration noise of the machine, the noise will be amplified; ¢Ú the chassis is welded by steel plate, hydraulic winchwhich does not have vibration absorption and noise elimination Function, if its natural frequency is close to the gear meshing frequency, it may cause large common vibration of individual machine due to weak vibration of gear, causing noise value to rise. We tested the above possibilities respectively, but through three experiments, we found that the noise level was weakly related to the chassis structure, stiffness, frequency and other factors, and the noise level was strongly related to the moving parts. Therefore, the chassis design structure and manufacturing quality are not the reasons for the excessive noise.

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