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The hydraulic winch shall be shut down in the following conditions

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Although hydraulic winch equipment is not a delicate machine, but due to long working hours, long service life, improper operation and other reasons, it is easy to have some common faults. Sometimes the project is in a hurry, so even if there are some abnormalities, many operators will not immediately shut down for maintenance, and wait until the end of the work to check. This is not to blame, but if your winch has the following faults, it must be immediately shut down for inspection.

1. Control electrical failure

When there is a problem with the key components of the control electrical appliance, it is often accompanied by a lot of abnormal noise. For this situation, we should listen to and see more. The noise caused by different parts of the fault is different. We should take different measures according to the fault location. After being familiar with it, it is easy to distinguish the fault location.

2. Reducer failure

If the reducer is out of order, it is necessary to stop the machine immediately, check whether the motor complies with the operation rules, whether the lubricating oil is added according to the instructions before use, and the lubricating oil is replaced in time, or the bearing is seriously worn, etc. the remedy should be tailored to the case, and the maintenance should be carried out in time to reduce the occurrence of accidents. Sometimes some small faults can cause big problems.hydraulic winch

3.Motor failure

When there is noise in the operation of the motor, the operation should be stopped immediately, and then check whether there is damage at each part of the motor, whether the single-phase operation, axis dislocation and other phenomena will lead to abnormal noise. When checking the product, we should listen more and see more. We can use or according to the characteristics of the fault sound to determine the location of the sound, find and repair the fault. A complete overhaul is helpful to the maintenance and efficient work of the equipment.

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