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Two common faults of hydraulic winch

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Analysis of two common faults of hydraulic winch- "oil leakage" and "overheating".The phenomenon of oil leakage and overheating often occurs when the winch works for a long time. If the winch leaks oil, pay attention to observe the oil seal position, check whether the oil seal has cracks, whether the inner lip has cracks or flanging. Also pay attention to "three checks": check whether there are scratches and defects on the joint surface of the oil seal and the main shaft, hydraulic winchand replace those with scratches and defects. Check whether the oil return is smooth. If the oil return is not smooth, the crankcase pressure will be too high, resulting in oil seal leakage or falling off. The minimum pipe diameter of the oil return pipe must be ensured, and the oil return shall be smooth without distortion and bending. Check the matching size of oil seal and box body, and replace if it does not meet the standard..In the daily operation of windlass, windlass overheat fault will occur due to long-time overload operation. There are two common heating parts: the air outlet temperature of the winch reducer is too high; the running part is hot.

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