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Precautions for hydraulic winch purchase

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1. Determine the tonnage of hydraulic winch

Determine the lifting tonnage of the winch you want to buy.

Second, determine the hoist speed

Determine your required lifting speed, is how many meters per minute, the same lifting tonnage winch due to different lifting speed price will be much different.

3. Determine the type of motor

Motor type is divided into lifting motor and ordinary motor. The winch of the same tonnage can be made by ordinary motor or crane motor. But the lifting motor is suitable for more application range, and the price is relatively high.

4. Determine the type of wire rope

Some tonnage hoists have their own steel wire rope, while others do not need to be equipped by themselves. When matching, it is necessary to ask the diameter of the wire rope. There are many differences in the price of different types of wire rope.hydraulic winch

5. Determine the rope capacity of winch drum

The capacity of the rope determines how much wire rope can be placed, and the price of the drum with different sizes is also different.

6. Others

Determine whether the winch is driven by electric or diesel oil, whether it is equipped with handbrake, whether it meets the national standard, whether it is invoiced or not, and whether it is provided with warranty.

Note: in the purchase of hoist is if any of the above points are not clear, it may cause unnecessary losses.

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