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Correct and lubrication to ensure the working life of hydraulic winch

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Correct and timely lubrication to ensure the working life of the hydraulic winch:

The working condition of the transmission gear of the hoist is tense and bad. The high speed and heavy load is the direct cause of the damage and failure of the gear surface. Through the appropriate lubricating materials and lubrication methods, the gear can be well lubricated, so as to protect the gear and prolong its service life.hydraulic winch

For the hoist, the correct and timely lubrication is very important, because the relative sliding surface under pressure, if in the dry friction state, will be damaged in a short time. Good lubrication can absorb the impact and vibration of gear transmission, reduce the noise of gear, prevent the gluing and abrasion of tooth surface, reduce the wear of tooth surface, and improve the bearing capacity of tooth surface. But in the hoist users, many do not understand the important role of lubrication, failed to pay enough attention to the winch lubrication, hoist lubrication oil is casual, does not meet the use requirements. There are many faults caused by poor lubrication when dealing with winch faults on site.

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