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Three lifting methods of hydraulic winch

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Three lifting methods of hydraulic winch

1. Mechanical lifting

The lifting mechanism is composed of motor, reducer, gear pair, screw rod and fixed nut. When lifting, the motor rotates forward to drive the reducer and gear to make the screw rod rotate in the fixed screw nut to promote the lifting.

2.Hydraulic lifting

The hydraulic lifting mechanism consists of a hydraulic station, an oil cylinder, a piston, a piston rod and a huffland card connecting the piston rod and the lifting plate. When the hydraulic lifting machinery is lifted, the high-pressure oil is supplied by the hydraulic station. When the pressure is greater than the friction resistance of the lifting plate, the lifting plate is slowly lifted. At this time, the power supply of the motor is cut off and the lifting action is completed.hydraulic winch

3. Manual lifting: it uses screw type mechanical jack to push the lifting plate to lift the filter plate.

In the structural structure of hoist, the hoisting structure is the main driving force for its production and development, which shows extremely important characteristics in its working process. The above three lifting modes are mainly divided according to their different working modes.

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