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The reason why the bearing of hydraulic winch reducer doesn't rotate

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The reason why the bearing of hydraulic winch reducer doesn't rotate£º the elimination method is the most commonly used method to eliminate the most likely problem: it is nothing more than whether there is a problem with the motor, the bearing of the reducer, the cycloid wheel of the reducer, and the bearing of the reducer.

1. Motor failure, first to see whether the motor is still rotating, or whether the motor is reversed, and then check whether there is a problem with the power supply of the motor.hydraulic winch

2. Coupling problems, especially in direct connected reducer, the motor output shaft and the reducer input hole rely on a single key to make friction, to see if the single key falls off or is damaged.

3. Eccentric sleeve fault, eccentric sleeve is composed of a non concentric curved rod, the most likely fault is that the curved rod is easy to fold off. Check whether the eccentric sleeve and cycloidal gear of cycloid pin gear reducer are in good order.

4. Output shaft bearing failure, bearing is the lubricant of internal rotation of the machine, if the bearing is damaged, it is easy to get stuck, resulting in deceleration can not work.

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