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Four factors should be paid attention to in hydraulic winch

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The is mainly driven by human and mechanical power, the hydraulic winch drum and winding rope are used to complete the traction work of the lifting device. It is a lifting machine that can vertically, horizontally or tilt the heavy objects. Windlass is mainly divided into two main types: dynamic and electric. At present, it is mainly electric. Attention should be paid to the following problems in the use of electric hoist:

1. The installation distance of electric hoist shall be 15 meters away from the lifting distance of heavy objects. If mast crane is used, the distance shall not be less than the mast height.hydraulic winch

2. The distance from the center of the winch drum to the nearest guide pulley shall be more than 20 times of the length of the drum. When the rope is wound to the drum, it shall be vertical to the center line of the drum.

3. Before use, the winch must be firmly and firmly fixed to prevent the equipment from toppling and sliding when lifting objects.

4. All electrical equipment should be installed on the site to prevent electric shock.

For the hoisting height of the winch, in the case of large loading and unloading capacity and busy work, the winch is required to have good speed regulation performance, especially the empty hook can be rapidly lowered.

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