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Key points for hydraulic winch operator to master

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Key points for hydraulic winch operator to master

1. The hoist operator must be familiar with the performance, structure and operation method of the machine. Hold operation certificate issued by labor bureau.
2. Before operation, check whether the ground anchor and loading frame of the winch are firm, and check whether the clutch and brake are sensitive and reliable. Whether the transmission device and protective cover of exposed belt and gear are complete.
3. The steel wire rope should be arranged in order. In the process of lifting the hanging basket, at least 3-5 circles should be reserved on the drum. The wear degree of the steel wire rope should not exceed 10%. The wire rope passing through the pulley should not have joints.hydraulic winch
4. The winch shall be used and maintained by special personnel, and the grounding circuit shall be checked regularly. In case of electric equipment leakage or other faults, it shall be reported to the foreman in time. No unauthorized repair is allowed.
5. The hanging basket must be equipped with safety door, which can only lift materials and is strictly prohibited to carry people. Hanging orchid in the air, in addition to the use of brake, at the same time to use the parking rack pad. No one is allowed to cross the wire rope and walk under the ceiling.
6. The feeding rack must have good grounding and lightning protection devices. Check whether the limiter is flexible and reliable once a week. When lifting heavy objects, bricks and ashes shall not exceed 0.5 tons. It is strictly forbidden to transport overweight and ultra long articles.
7. In case of power failure during operation, the power supply shall be cut off. Lower the lifting object or sling to the ground.
8. After the operation, the lifting ceiling or objects should be lowered to the ground, and the power supply should be cut off and the switch box should be locked.

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