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Brief description of the components of electric winch

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For the whole electric winch, the motor as the power, through the drive device to make the drum rotate is called the electric hoist. It has the advantages of large lifting capacity, fast speed, easy to use, high safety, which is widely used in the lifting machinery industry. Lifting operators should be familiar with all parts of the hoist.

Fixation of steel cable: adding a layer on the drum, one more layer of safety measures than the common cable fixing method, can effectively prevent the steel cable from falling off, and has very good strength and safety.electric winch

Drum transmission mode: this structure uses gear shaft and transmission plate to directly drive the drum, which can easily replace the steel cable or change the direction of the cable.

Electromagnetic brake: advanced brake pads are selected, with long service life. The structure is simple and there is no need to adjust the clearance. In case of power failure, the electromagnetic brake will automatically brake immediately, and it will never slide down, which is safe and reliable.

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