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Function of speed regulating valve of electric winch

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The speed regulating valve is composed of a constant differential speed reducing valve connected in series in front of the electric winch deceleration valve. The outlet pressure of the hydraulic pump is determined by the overflow valve, which is basically constant. The pressure at the outlet of the governor is determined by the load of the hydraulic cylinder. Because the winch spring stiffness is low, and the reduction valve core displacement is very small during the working process, it can be considered that it is basically unchanged, electric winchso the pressure difference between the two ends of the reduction valve is basically unchanged, which ensures the flow stability through the reduction valve. The flow of the speed reducing valve changes with the pressure. When the pressure difference is very small, because the valve core of the winch deceleration valve is pushed to the bottom by the spring, the valve port of the reduction valve is fully opened, which can not stabilize the pressure difference between the front and the back of the throttle. Therefore, the performance of the speed regulating valve is the same as that of the reduction valve. Therefore, when the speed regulating valve is working normally, it is required to have a pressure difference of at least 0.4-0.5mpa. When the pressure difference is greater than a certain value, the flow rate is basically constant.

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