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Check the structural characteristics of electric winch

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Check the structural characteristics of electric winch,Due to the limitation of Railway Clearance and gantry travel, the two traction hoists are installed on the 40t flat plate in parallel and crisscross with each other. The drum adopts the lower row of steel ropes, so as to ensure the horizontal traction. The two ropes will realize the simultaneous traction on the triangle balance bar through the action of the balance wire rope.electric winchAll operations of the traction winch are controlled by electromagnetism and equipped with two sets of control buttons, so that one set is fixed on the two control cabinets on the flat car, while the other set is of mobile structure, and the operation on and off the vehicle can be realized according to the operation requirements. In addition, in the traction hoist, the radio remote controller is used to realize the remote control. And in the traction hoist, four channels are a group, in order to ensure the reliability of operation, one group for standby, and the other group for operation.

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