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The future development direction of electric winch

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The future development direction of electric winch.At present, the drum and brake are widely used at home and abroad. Their reducer usually adopts heavy gear reducer or worm gear reducer, and the installation forms of motor, reducer and steel rope drum are generally "n, J", type, etc. The common shortcomings are: large volume, poor overload capacity, high noise, low efficiency, short service life, unsafe and reliable work, and some products have been included in the national phase out products.However, there are no ideal designs for reducing the working capacity of the winch. electric winchStocky series hoists adopt multi row top bar creeping decelerating device, which is directly set in the drum, so that the designed winch can achieve small volume, light weight, large overload capacity, energy saving, safe and reliable work. Its structure is as follows: the steel rope drum, left and right supports, underframe and cone brake motor hidden in the steel rope drum in the deceleration device are arranged in a single shape, which is convenient for installation and transportation, and strives for the best external structure form. Today's world is an era of rapid development of science and technology, and the update of technology is changing with each passing day.

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