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Maintenance method for manual diesel winch

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 Maintenance method for manual diesel winch;

1. After the manual hoist is used, the hoist should be cleaned, coated with anti rust grease and stored in a monotonous place;
2. The protection and maintenance should be carried out by the organizer who knows the function and principle of the machine, so as to avoid the random disassembly of the machine if he does not understand the function and principle of the machine;
3. Gear equipment shall be operated according to the drawing;diesel winch
4. When grooved nut equipment is used, the hand wheel shall be rolled clockwise to make ratchet wheel and collision plate pressed on brake air seat, and then grooved nut shall be installed;
5. After cleaning, inspection and maintenance, the manual control winch shall be subject to no-load and heavy load test, and it shall be admitted that the operation is normal, automatic and reliable. It is necessary to keep the conflict surface of the brake clean to prevent the oil sludge and sewage pollution.

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