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Daily inspection method of diesel winch

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Daily inspection method of diesel winch:

1. No load test: when there is no load, pull the moving rod and reverse rod back and forth for three times to check the operation status of the organization, and there should be no jamming phenomenon;

2. Additional load test: on the special test bench, the pull force and the handle reciprocating wire rope stroke should meet the specification requirements;

3. Dynamic load test: it is tested on a special test bench, loaded with 1.1 times of additional load, rising and falling once respectively, and the moving interval of each wire rope shall not be less than 200 mm. The whole machine shall operate stably and reliably;diesel winch

4. Static load test: gradually load to 1.5 times of the additional load on the special test bench, and stay for 10 minutes. The clamp and clamping plate shall not have permanent deformation that affects the use function.

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