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Installation method of diesel winch on trolley

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Sometimes customers ask how to install the electric car after buying the winch. Today, I specially consulted the installation master of our company and summarized the installation methods and precautions of the winch in the car, hoping to help you.

Installation method of diesel winch;on trolley:

1. Insert the suspension shaft into the side plate g and lock it with the suspension shaft bolts and nuts;

2. Install the suspension shaft on the hanger beside the main body of the electric hoist.diesel winch

3. Install more washers on the suspension shaft and insert the suspension shaft into the side plate s.

4. Install the external adjusting washer on the suspension shaft. Install the axial stop pin on the suspension shaft, and insert the split pin into the axial stop pin. Install the axial limit pin so that the split pin on the left side can be seen from the front of the trolley switch box.

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