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Meat Slicer Brings Convenience To Cooking

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Meat slicer brings convenience to cooking. It can not only cut mutton rolls, but also embody many functions in use. Its efficient use depends on the cooperation of various accessories. What accessories does it have?

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1. Hand wheel: the rotation is smooth, and the patented spring principle balance system replaces the traditional counterweight system. The humanized design makes the operation easier and reduces the fatigue of users;

2. Knife rest: it has the function of lateral movement to ensure that the full length of the blade of the mutton slicer can be fully utilized;meat slicer

3. Locking system: the handwheel lock operated by one hand can easily lock the handwheel in the upper position, and the handwheel lock can lock the handwheel in any position;

4. Storage tray: it can be placed on the top or beside to facilitate the taking of common tools. The top of mutton slices can also store cold box cooling wax blocks.

Mutton slicer is necessary for kitchen cooking. Each of its accessories has its own function. When these accessories are combined together, the function of the whole equipment becomes powerful, and it will be more convenient to use and maintain in the future.

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