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The most professional frozen meat slicer manufacturer in China

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The frozen meat slicer is mainly composed of cutting mechanism, power transmission mechanism and feeding mechanism. The motor rotates the cutting mechanism in both directions through the power transmission mechanism to cut the meat supplied by the feeding mechanism. According to the requirements of cooking technology, meat can be cut into regular thin slices, broken strips and particles. The cutting mechanism of frozen meat slicer is the main working mechanism of the machine. Because the texture of fresh meat is soft and muscle fibers are not easy to cut, it is not suitable to use rotating blades in vegetable and fruit cutting machines.

meat slicer

The meat cutter generally adopts a cutting knife group composed of coaxial circular blades, which is a combined cutting knife group with two axes opposite. The two groups of circular blades of the knife group of the frozen meat slicer are parallel along the axial direction, and the blades are staggered with a small amount of error. Each pair of wrong circular blades forms a set of cutting pairs. The two sets of blades are driven by the gears on the drive shaft to make the knife sets on the two shafts rotate reversely, which is convenient for feeding and achieve the purpose of automatic cutting at the same time. The thickness of the meat slice is guaranteed by the gap between the circular blades, which is determined by the thickness of the gasket pressed between each circular blade.

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