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The latest price of waste steel bar straightening machine

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The latest price of scrap rebar straightening machine. According to the required diameter of straightening reinforcement, select appropriate straightening block, traction wheel groove and transmission speed. The hole diameter of the straightening block shall be 2mm ~ 5mm larger than the diameter of the reinforcement, and the width of the traction wheel groove shall be consistent with the diameter of the required straightening reinforcement. Attention must be paid to adjusting the straightening block. Generally, there are five straightening blocks in the straightening Jane. The first and fifth straightening blocks must be placed on the center line, and the middle three can deviate from the center line. 

scrap rebar straightening machineFirst, offset the reinforcement by about 3mm. After trial straightening, if the reinforcement is still slowly bent, gradually increase the offset until straightening. A steel pipe with a length of about 1m shall be installed in front of the guide cylinder. The reinforcement to be straightened shall first pass through the steel pipe, and then into the guide cylinder and straightening cylinder, so as to prevent the end of each coil of reinforcement from popping out and hurting people when it is close to the completion of straightening. Before the straightening block is not fixed and the protective cover is not covered, steel bars must not be penetrated, so as to prevent the straightening pieces from flying away from the machine and hurting people.

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