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Scrap Rebar Straightener

Operation requirements of waste steel bar straightener

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Operation requirements of scrap rebar straightening machine

1. The equipment must be in the charge of a specially assigned person and work with a certificate.

2. During operation, the operator is not allowed to leave the machine too far. The machine must be shut down when hanging the wall, threading and cutting off the lead.

3. In the process of straightening the reinforcement, when the reinforcement jumps out of the tray guide groove, cannot reach the fixed length mechanism, and the wire is disordered or the reinforcement is off the frame, the limit switch shall be pressed in time to stop cutting off the reinforcement. It can be used only after adjustment.

4. When each coil of reinforcement is adjusted to the end or the short reinforcement is straightened, the reinforcement shall be escorted to the guide and straightening cylinder with a sleeve to avoid personal injury when it is freely thrown.

5, before the straightening die is not fixed and the protective cover is not properly covered, steel bars must not be penetrated to prevent the flying die from flying out of the straightening die after starting the machine.

6. During the operation of the machine, the drum shall not be adjusted, the operation with gloves is strictly prohibited, and the maintenance operation during the operation of the machine is strictly prohibited.

scrap rebar straightening machine

7. The steel bars that have been straightened and cut off shall be divided into small bundles according to the specification and number, and shall be stacked neatly. Disorderly stacking is not allowed to prevent quality accidents due to different steel bar composition and performance. After the operation, the power supply must be cut off.

8. Strictly implement the "cross operation policy" to ensure that the machinery is in good working condition.

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