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Indian macaroni machine manufacturer

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Operation and use of macaroni machine

1. Carefully study the disassembly and assembly diagram and compare the names of various components.

2. Place the machine in a convenient place for starting, stopping, feeding and receiving finished products.

macaroni machine

3. Open the nut with a special wrench. Take out the spiral body, wipe the surface barrel and the spiral body, then install the spiral body into the machine, align the transmission key on the spiral body, turn the keyway in the sleeve, install it to the bottom, and clean the cutter (after soaking the dry slag and other sundries in the hemp cutter or noodle cutter, clean it by vibration, not by hard tools). Select the cutter you use and install it into the front end of the mask. Screw on the nut and tighten it with a wrench.

4. The official electrician shall connect the power socket, plug in the plug and start the switch. The machine can work without abnormal sound after idling for several minutes (the direction of the spiral body shall be the same as that marked by the arrow)

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